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About us


In 2016, when Ron Arad used steel, aluminum, plastics and LEDs to create Spyre lamp, it wasn’t included in TIME magazine's list of best inventions.  But a large sculpture of this masterpiece was displayed in the courtyard of the Royal Academy of Arts later that same year. The release of Spyre lamp was limited to 50 pieces sold in one day. 

It is one more great example proving that the best things are simple and crafted, comfortable and stylish regardless of time and fashion. This is the principle we follow while producing leather goods MORISON. 

For more than 3 years we have been creating simple and neat accessories, using the best quality Italian leather and fittings. It is important for us to put a really decent item in your hands. You may come across men wearing our belts in New York, and women using our purses in Rome and Milan. It is another proof that MORISON accessories are ubiquitous, practical and stylish everywhere and always.

MORISON logo says a lot about our brand. We have added a tip of a quill pen to highlight our engraving service making it possible to decorate the belts, purses and notebooks with any text, image or logo. We encase every item into a branded  box. It is not just our attention to details. It is important for us to give you not only a quality item but also beautiful enough to present it as a perfect gift to your loved ones.  

MORISON  accessories stand for laconism,  unity with nature,  eternal values and classical forms recognized by true admirers of perfection.