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Engraving and embossing

Engraving and embossing are unique methods of adding personality and elegance to your items. We offer professional engraving and embossing on a variety of surfaces, especially leather.

Engraving is a process in which we use a laser machine to carefully remove the top layer of leather. The result of the engraving color depends on the inner color and texture of the leather, creating a unique and inimitable effect. We can engrave various designs, logos, initials or personalized messages to give your products a special meaning.
Embossing is a method in which we apply heat and pressure to create striking patterns, initials or logos on the surface of a product. We offer embossing in a variety of options, including blind embossing, gold foil, and silver foil. For embossing, we can use customer's clichés or produce clichés according to your individual requirements.
Our team of experienced specialists guarantees high quality and attention to detail in every engraving and embossing process. We strive to turn your product into a unique and meaningful work of art. Our engraving and embossing services will help you create a unique style and aesthetic satisfaction.
Contact us to discuss your individual engraving and embossing needs and possibilities.
Best regards,
Morison Atelier